12 Week Update

We are at the 12 week mark and my dad is still doing very well.  The only medication he is on is still the anti seizure medication.  The doctors are amazed that he is doing so well.  His next MRI is scheduled for the end of August.

I try to research and learn as much as I can about Glioblstoma.  I have learned there are many opinions on how to treat this type of cancer ranging from the standard chemo and radiation therapy to the more extreme like keeping your calorie intake to 600 everyday.  My parents have been trying some alternative methods to help boost my dad’s health and immunities along with his chemo and radiation.   He is taking flax-seed everyday along with using the essential oil frankincense.  He puts it on his big toe every day.  Sounds hokey, but they say all your nerve endings end in your feet and your big toe is connected to your brain.  My parents asked their oncologist about the essential oils to make sure they wouldn’t harm him.  The doctors said they used to blow off any type of research done about these oils but more recently they have changed their minds and have seen some positive effects with the oils.  So if it can’t hurt then they thought they would try it.  They also tried Noni juice.  It is suppose to be an incredible health booster.  But they couldn’t get past the taste of it and stopped using it.    My mom has been reading a lot about diet and for a little while they were cutting down his sugar greatly and then decided to not worry about it.  My dad isn’t a big sugar eater, but he does like a cookie or a little ice cream after dinner.  The way I feel, and so does my mom I think, he should be able to eat whatever the hell he wants now.  Let him be happy.

I’d like to ask if you are a prayerful person please keep my friend Cindy in your prayers.  Her father is at the end of his journey with Glioblastoma.  He is in hospice care and has gone off all medications except his anti-seizure medication.  He has started to sleep for many hours of the day and has lost most of his memory and understanding of what is going around him.  He was diagnosed about 18 months ago and has had a valiant fight to the end.  I am astounded by Cindy’s positive attitude and the sense of calmness she has with her right now.  I hope someday I can come to terms with all of this.  Right now I am still pretty mad about it all.  She is a great example to me.


10 Week Update

I’ve been doing pretty good these past few weeks.  I would even say that my cry scale has been down to a 1.  I talk to my dad everyday and he is in good spirits and very positive.  I have noticed that he is having a hard time right now remembering things and keeping a conversation straight in his head while he talks.  I am hoping this is just a side effect of the radiation.  It is cumulative and so right now he has the most radiation in his body and I have read/heard that a side effect of that is memory loss.

My parents came up to visit this weekend and I was surprised at the loss of hair my dad has right now.  It is from the radiation not the chemo.  I asked my mom why they just don’t shave it all off so it is the same length.  She really didn’t have an answer for me, but I imagine that it would be hard to shave off all your hair again. You only have so much control over what is happening to you.  Shaving your head is one thing that is actually your own decision.

I don’t know exactly when the next MRI is.  It is a waiting game.  I am not a person with a lot of patience.  I don’t like not knowing what I’m dealing with and what is going to happen in the near future.  I guess this is a learning experience for me too.