10 Week Update

I’ve been doing pretty good these past few weeks.  I would even say that my cry scale has been down to a 1.  I talk to my dad everyday and he is in good spirits and very positive.  I have noticed that he is having a hard time right now remembering things and keeping a conversation straight in his head while he talks.  I am hoping this is just a side effect of the radiation.  It is cumulative and so right now he has the most radiation in his body and I have read/heard that a side effect of that is memory loss.

My parents came up to visit this weekend and I was surprised at the loss of hair my dad has right now.  It is from the radiation not the chemo.  I asked my mom why they just don’t shave it all off so it is the same length.  She really didn’t have an answer for me, but I imagine that it would be hard to shave off all your hair again. You only have so much control over what is happening to you.  Shaving your head is one thing that is actually your own decision.

I don’t know exactly when the next MRI is.  It is a waiting game.  I am not a person with a lot of patience.  I don’t like not knowing what I’m dealing with and what is going to happen in the near future.  I guess this is a learning experience for me too.



5 thoughts on “10 Week Update

      • Awe, thanks. My mom is also doing good at the moment. Still weak and forgetting a lot of stuff, clumsy but it has also been worse during the year, so I am not complaining. I haven’t had a reason to vent about anything concerning her, so I haven’t posted about it lately.

  1. Wayne did not shave his head either after his radiation. He and your dad have the same hairstyle. I love it! Maybe they will make a new fashion statement. Dont worry about the MRI..They need to wait at least 3 months for the swelling from the radiation to go down..otherwise all they will see is swelling.
    Praying for you and your family.

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