Today is my dad’s 68th birthday.  I was lucky and got to spend Saturday with him and help him and my mom celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary.  It was bitter-sweet.  They were so happy, and surprised.  Many people came from out town to wish my parents well.  I know they were probably thinking the same thing I was, this will probably be the last big celebration my parents have together.  Man, cancer just bites you in the ass sometimes.

My cry scale that day was about a 6.  My dad’s, whom I thought would be at a 10, was only about a 3.  Which is amazing because he cries ALL the time.  My mom’s was a 15.  But it was a great afternoon with family and friends.

Tony sat down and talked my dad later that afternoon and asked for his blessing to marry me.  They talked for a long time.  Tony said that my dad told him stories about me when I was a little girl and a teenager. I would have loved to hear that conversation, to hear my dad’s recollections of me as I grew up.  It makes me miss him and he isn’t even gone yet.


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