20 Week Update

Positive thoughts and prayers for my dad today.  It is his first MRI since his surgery.  I know we won’t get much information from this one, it is more of a baseline to measure all the rest of his MRI’s off of.  But I am still hoping for good news.  They are also doing an EEG, but they have already told my dad that this will show abnormalities since he has had a traumatic brain injury.  So I really don’t understand why they are even doing one.  If anyone has information on EEGs and brain tumors please tell me.  I need to Google it.

Thanks to all of you that comment on my blog and email me.  It is nice to know there are people out there that understand.  It is too bad we have had to meet under these circumstances.  I appreciate your kind words and friendship.


One thought on “20 Week Update

  1. My best wishes and prayers for your family. I don’t know about the EEG, don’t think they did one with my mom. They only did it in March after the seizure.
    One doc told me the first MRIs look like a bomb exploded inside the brain. they don’t tell you much, but it’s a baseline as you said correctly. Be strong and take care!!!

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