Patience and Waiting

My dad’s MRI went well.  I mean the actual MRI.  I don’t know the results yet.  Of course they are making us wait a week to find out.  They gave my mom a CD with all the pictures (all 544 of them) to have.  So I am stuck looking at this for 5 days and wondering what the hell that big white blob is on his brain.  Is this just fluid filling up the area of the original tumor that they removed?  Is it a new tumor? It’s been almost 3 months since he finished his radiation so his swelling should be at a minimum, or so I’m told.


I googled “Glioblastoma MRI” to see if I could compare his scan to any of those, and it didn’t help.  They all look so different.  Why don’t I have a friend that is a radiologist?

So I will wait.  I’m not good at waiting.  This whole cancer thing is a waiting game. I am not patient. At. All.


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