Good News

My Dad’s MRI showed that there isn’t any evidence of his original tumor, the satellite tumor has shrunk, and they couldn’t see any of the little “fingers” coming off of where the original tumor was.  So this is all great news.  Again, the doctors said they can’t believe he is doing so well.  Which really if you think about it is kind of a crappy thing to say to someone.  It’s like “We really thought you would be doing horrible right now, if not dead.”  Blah

The “glowing” part of his brain in the MRI’s I posted is just fluid that has filled up the area where the original tumor was.  It is a denser type of cell and reflects more on the scan.  I tell him he must have super powers now from the radiation. 

His next MRI isn’t until the end of October.  He doesn’t have to see the oncologist again until then.  He will keep taking his chemo (400 mg of the Temodar) on a 28 day cycle.  He struggles with short term memory loss and fatigue, but otherwise is doing well. 

So, so far so good.  I am glad he is doing well.  I am happy that he will be here for my wedding.  And when I say “be here” I mean mentally.  This ugly cancer will take that away from us eventually, but right now I am enjoying and cherishing every minute and phone I call I have with him.

Love this picture of him and I.  It was taken a few years back at my brother’s wedding.



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