32 Week Update

My dad had another MRI yesterday.  The doctor decided to do it a month earlier than originally planned.  I asked my mom why, but she didn’t have an answer for me.  She hadn’t asked. I am wondering if they have been seeing some changes in his blood work that prompted them to do it earlier.  I am seeing changes in his behavior the past few weeks.  He is having a hard time bouncing back after this last round of chemo.  He is sleeping a lot more and has a real hard time with his short-term memory.  He still has his sense of humor and isn’t having any problems with his motor skills. So that is good.

They gave us a disc again with the pictures from his MRI.  I have compared them, and really don’t know what I am looking at.  They look pretty much the same to me.  We will find the results out on Monday.

Thinking happy positive thoughts, or trying to at least.


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