I have been procrastinating writing an update.  I am still having a hard time dealing with the news we received.  I have spent the past 3 days crying and popping Xanax, and yelling at people.  I haven’t been a very good mother, employee or wife.  My boss knows I like chocolate and brought me a big box of chocolate cupcakes yesterday afternoon (after I had yelled at 2 people on the phone.  One being one of my best friends I work with.)  I told him he must have thought I was REALLY grouchy to bring me so many cupcakes.

My dad’s MRI shows a new tumor growing adjacent to the original one.  It is about 3-4 centimeters. ( The original tumor was about 7 centimeters.)  His satellite tumor that is farther back in his brain has grown also.  My husband and I went down to the appointments with them.  First we sat and waited while he had a spectroscopy.  This type of MRI actually looks at the metabolic changes in the brain.  It took almost 2 hours.  After that appointment we went over and met with the oncologist.  He said that yes there was a new tumor, but that he thought it might be operable considering the location. I asked a lot of questions.  Got answers, but not any that I was hoping for.  If my dad ends up not being a candidate for surgery then he may be a candidate for Gamma Knife surgery/radiation.  If he is not a candidate for the Gamma Knife then he will just be given Avastin and see if that works.  I have read a lot about the Avastin.  I don’t like what I have read, but the oncologist says that he has seen in help many patients with minimal side effects.

My dad is on steroids right now.  A very low dose.  They are helping immensely.  They came and visited last Sunday for my daughter’s birthday and my dad slept the whole time they were here on the couch.  When he was awake he was very confused.  When we saw him Wednesday (3 days later) the difference was night and day.  He was alert and back to himself again.  I know the steroids are not a cure.  I know the longer he is on them and the higher the dose gets that it is very bad for him.  But I am happy that he is doing so well right now.

My parents have an appointment with the neurosurgeon on Tuesday.  I have a feeling that since they did not get him in immediately that the chances of surgery are pretty slim.  We are hoping and praying for the best.  I am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my family and eating lots of food and making great memories.



2 thoughts on “Recurrence

  1. I’m sorry you got such bad news!! He should definitely try the Avastin if he gets the chance. Mom didn’t get it because it’s very expensive and the health insurance doesn’t pay for it until all other options have failed which is how she ended up getting something else.
    Hoping for the best!! Sending you lots of hugs!

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