Surgery has been scheduled for November 30th.  The doctor is pretty sure it is a new tumor.   He did say it could be from the radiation last spring, but he doubts it.  They will be able to go in the same way they did last time so they won’t have to make a new incision in his skull.  They are planning on putting radiation wafers in his head that will give out a constant dose of radiation and eventually they will disintegrate.  As of right now the plan is to keep him on the Temodar, steroids, anti seizure medication and add Avastin to it all.  They will do another MRI in the middle of December to see if the surgery was able to get all of the tumor and if it growing again.  My sister and I will go down for the surgery.

I feel very blessed a the quality of care my dad is getting.  The Huntsman Cancer Center is amazing.  My dad’s oncologist is so personable and caring.  He hugged my parents when they left his office last week.  Not many doctors do that these days.

My parents are on their way up to our house today to spend Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to the quality time we will have together.

Wishing you all the best.  Thank you for your emails and comments.  It means a lot.



2 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. Wayne is on Avastin no bad side affects at all.
    He actually feels better after an infusion.
    Waiting for the results to his latest MRI..
    Praying for your dad and your family!
    I am so glad you are sharing on your blog.
    Never feel guilty about feeling goes with GBM.


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