39 Week Update

We enjoyed a nice Christmas with my parents this week. On Sunday both of my siblings came down and we had a nice dinner. My dad was in good spirits. Quiet, but happy. Then my parents stayed in town and spent Christmas with us. Dad does much better in the morning and was alert and participated in opening presents. Even commenting on different gifts and how much he liked them. It was a bittersweet day. I kept having to tell myself to stay in the now and not think about the future.

Last week my dad had a post surgery MRI to get a starting point for the Avastin they want him to start in January. It was routine, and we didn’t think much about it. My mom got a call the next day from the doctors office saying that there was some swelling around where they had inserted the chemo wafers but that everything looked good. They wanted to see him after Christmas to plan what they were going to do next. Then my mom got 3 more calls during the afternoon. The radiologist had looked at the MRI again, and the oncologist. They were wrong. It isn’t swelling, it is new tumor growth. I am dumbfounded. He had surgery less than 3 weeks before the MRI. They had removed the tumor. It is growing that fast. WOW The doctor said to enjoy Christmas and that they would have a phone conference when they got back to town. Which is today. I am paitently waiting to see what they have to say. I’m not so paitent. I’ve called my mom twice in the past hour. She is still waiting for the call.

My mom and I had a good talk while she was here. I told her that she really needed to educate herself about the Avastin and see if the cost and the time it MIGHT give my dad will be quality time. I know my father doesn’t want to leave my mom with a huge amount of debt. I have read that the Avastin is very expensive. I told her that she needs to check all her options and talk to dad about it. Although he wouldn’t remember the conversation 10 minutes later. He is struggling with memory and logic. Example, we had a cheese ball and crackers out on Christmas eve. He loves that stuff. We also had a plate of cookies on the counter. I came in the kitchen and my dad was putting the cheese ball on a cookie. This morning my mom said he was trying to make orange juice with the hot chocolate maker. He is forgetting names unless you are right in line of sight. My mom says when he prays at night he says “Please bless the 2 girls and the boy.” meaning me, my sister and my brother. He subtitutes words. He told me last week that they had put up all the Christmas cardboard around the house. (Decorations) He isn’t in pain as far as we can tell. He smiles a lot, but is content to just sit and do nothing. He hasn’t lost all of his sense of humor yet, but is struggling with understanding the meaning of sentences sometimes, especially sarcasm.

So I will sit here and wait some more for news from my mom and the doctors.

I am so glad we had this Christmas with him. It was a happy day.



3 thoughts on “39 Week Update

    • Actually, that would be lovely!
      Well, I’ve been there, done that, as sad as it is. You can always talk to me of you want to. Not everyone understands what going through this means, maybe I didn’t do it right either but it was the only way I could.

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