45 Week Update

I am back down at my parents and thought I should do an update.

My dad has taken a sharp decline the past few days.  He fell twice on Saturday.  Luckily he wasn’t hurt.  He did break a chair in the process and scared the crap out of my mom.  I wasn’t planning on coming down again until the 4th of February, but just felt that my mom needed help and support.  It is just too much for her to do alone.  My sister is here also.

Main things happening:

* He is sleeping most of the day.  He will get up and come sit on the couch, but I would say he is sleeping probably 21 hours total a day if not more.  He isn’t getting dressed anymore and sometimes asks to get back in bed.

* He has a catheter now.  He was just having such a hard time getting in the bathroom and that is one of the times he fell.  He has slept better since he got it and seems to be more comfortable .

* The Hospice nurse will be coming everyday now.  Whether it be to bathe him or to take his vitals.  They are so kind.  I am so pleased with their work.

* His blood pressure is getting low.  It was 102/60 today.  Which is ironic because he has had high blood pressure for so many years.  His kidney’s are starting to slow down/shut down as his urine is now very dark.

* He is cold to the touch most of the time but doesn’t seem to feel cold.  His face is flushed a lot of the time too and swollen from the steroids.

* My mom upped his steroids last night in hopes that we might get a few hours of awareness with him.  All it did was make cry this morning.  He was so sad.  He kept shaking his head and babbling.  I think maybe it gave him some clarity on what is happening and either scared him or frustrated him or both.  We had to give him an Ativan.  So we won’t be doing that again.  My mom will keep his steroids at the level they were.

* He is still eating and drinking well.  He is having trouble swallowing and coughs a lot.

* I think he may be having some headaches but can’t really tell because he can’t verbalize how is he feeling.  We gave him some Tylenol today.  The Hospice nurse said to watch him and if he seems to be grimacing that maybe we should start giving him morphine.

* I asked the nurse if she could give me a time frame since she has worked with many patients that have had brain tumors.  She said it could be weeks or even months there is no way to tell.  But since he has declined so sharply over the past few days that it could be soon.

My husband is home with the kids.  He braved a huge blizzard yesterday to bring me down.  I am torn between wanting to be home and being here.  Honestly this all just really sucks.

Please keep my friend R.A. and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  She lost her husband last week to GBM.  He was an amazing man.  She has been a great help to me over the past year. She has had such a positive attitude and always reminded me to keep my chin up.

Again, thank you to all of you for your emails and kinds words.  They mean so much.


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