After – 1 Month

It has been one month today that dad died.

15,472 days with him.

28 days without him.

The 28 days seem much longer……


4 thoughts on “After – 1 Month

  1. Try not to live in the past and be here in the moment now.
    You are very lucky to have Tony to hold your hand and be at your side.
    I know how hard it is to lose someone you love..think of all the others around you who love you and you love them back..
    How is your mom handling the emptiness?
    Praying for your family to be happy again…

  2. Hi Heather, I followed the link to your blog from the Inspire board. Unfortunately, my dad is also dealing with GBM so I know how difficult it must’ve been for you and you understand what I am going through. Just felt like reaching out and letting you know that I feel your sadness and wish you more and more peace ahead.

    Btw, we are the same age too..


    • Emily, I am so sorry you are going through this horrible journey too. Lori Lara and RJ that posted above your comment recently lost loved ones to this disease too. I have met so many amazing people through my blog and the Inspire board. I am sad that I had to meet them under these circumstances. I wish you the best and much peace and comfort right now. I don’t know where you are in your journey but please know that there are so many of us that have been where you are and are here to help you through it. Please email me if you ever want to talk or ask questions. ~Heather

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