Circle of Life

For some reason today’s cry scale is about an 8.  Maybe it is the weather change.  (We have snow in our mountains already), maybe it is because I am just hormonal, but more likely it is because my brother and his wife just had a brand new baby yesterday.  Henry John. (Henry being my mom’s father’s name, and John being my Dad’s name and his father’s name.)   So he is named after his 2 great grandfathers and grandfather.  Confused?

I don’t know if my dad knew that my brother and his wife were expecting before he died.  I imagine they found out in the few weeks before or after his funeral.  I was looking at the pictures of little Henry and thinking how wonderful it would be to hold a little spirit that has so recently been with my dad. I imagine my dad sending him off to my brother.

After I looked at the pictures I went and cried in the bathroom at work for a few minutes.  So now I have a cry headache and I’m tired.  It’s only noon.  What a way to start off a Friday.

Funny, our hospice nurse for dad just had a baby girl last week too.

My sister was saying this morning she wanted a Keep Calm and Fish On poster since she had been seeing so many all over the place with different sayings on them.  So I made her this one today.

dad fish 2

So I am trying to take the advice of keeping calm, but I don’t like to fish so I’ll skip that part.


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